Effectively Regulate Your Blood Pressure With Cq10

Our bodies cannot possibly survive without cq10, a powerful antioxidant that aids a lot of essential processes in the body. In some people though, the production of cq10 is insufficient and therefore they tend to be more prone to suffering from various conditions and diseases. In general, a low amount of cq10 in the body is due to the growing needs of certain body tissues, but also because of gene defects and improper nutrition.

Lower blood pressure with cq10

In a study that involved eighty three people with half of them taking fifty milligrams of cq10 per day and the others receiving placebo, scientists discovered that the group who had been on cq10 had experienced a massive decrease in blood pressure and had a much lower chance of experiencing a heart attack compared to those that were given the placebo. Because of the results of that test, these days cq10 is used with great results in patients suffering from hypertension and saving countless lives every day. Speak to your doctor about it It’s true that cq10 can help you reduce your blood pressure, but you should never take it without your doctor’s approval. Seeing your doctor about it is paramount because he is the only one who knows your medical history inside out and can make recommendations based on the past and current conditions\diseases\drugs you’re taking so that cq10 won’t interfere with them. By doing so, you’re safeguarded against nasty side effects that could very well make you feel very sick for quite a while.

What form should you take it in?

If you want to be sure that your body is going to fully absorb cq10, then you should know that the oil version is the best one you can take. It usually comes in soft gel containers and once you ingest these supplements, in no time your body is going to fully absorb them. Keep in mind that if you want the best results, you should also take these supplements with food. Also, coenzyme q10 enhanced with vitamin E is going to greatly increase its absorption properties and that is why it’s recommended you take it this way to get the best results. Keep in mind that when the vitamin E levels in the body are high, then the function of cq10 is going to be increased a lot as well, resulting in more benefits for your overall health.